Nail Design And Nail Art

Nail Art and nail Designs

I believe nail design or nail art is one obsession some women couldn’t resist. With my last visit in Japan, I noticed that nail art salons are all over the place especially in every subway station. As what I have observed, women seem to pop in and out from the nail art salon either before or after their rides.

Nail Design and art

Well, I really admire how the Japanese has created these fancy nail designs and art works on their nails that really look splendid. But these simply from practical nail arts to the flamboyance decorated nails have their own price of course.

Asian print nail

Nowadays, there are lots of nail art stickers or nail designs that you can do it for yourself and make similar impact. The result may not be as fancy like those in the nail art salon but the point here you can still express your personality by adding little details like basic shape and style.

3D Nail Art Designs 2

Anyway, don’t hesitate to show off your big personality by getting your nails done with fun designs to accessorize your look. You can take it as a hobby too while enjoying the fun and discover your creativeness in making your own personal nail art designs.

3D Nail Art Design 1

Nail Design And Nail Art

3D Nail Art Design

Acid Flowers Nail Design

Nail Design1

nail piercings

Pink Doggie Nail

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