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It is plain to see that the variety of nail patterns is truly tremendous and can safely be interpreted as a sign of progress of nail art. This is the aspect of the general nail art process that lies on the surface, but certainly there is much more to it.

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Nail art is much more than a subsidiary direction of the beauty industry, it deserves individual treatment and has developed into an absolutely independent sphere of activity of beauty professionals.

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It used to be customary to combine the services of cutting hair and nail care. But there exists a pronounced tendency nowadays, the tendency of separating the two spheres of activity as completely independent branches of art.

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If we take into account the breathtaking multitude of finger nail patterns now present and you will realize how much information can be extracted from a detailed nail design review.

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Nail art has been capturing the hearts and fascinating the minds of people for a long time now and the long history of its popularity has contributed to the appearance of a great variety of nail patterns.

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It is only possible to differentiate the decorative techniques that are most widely used, such as the application of nail gems. Dwelling on the subject of nail design review it is necessary to point out that nail work is now widely regarded as a form of art in its applied variety.


Judging by the great interest people still take in the sphere of nail design review, nail art is not likely to lose its appeal in the near future. Bringing it under the spotlight of attention the nail art process proper has to be mentioned that nail art professionals operate with materials of a variety of textures. Photo from Nature Nails

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Nail Design

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