Nail Design Tips For You

Nail Design tips for you

Here are somen Nail Design Tips for you:

Nail Design 1

1. Don’t use crazy glue to glue decorations to your nails, even over layers of polish! It will eat through polish and can ruin nails.

People have suggested nail glue but I have had problems with that too. I tend to use clear polish as glue and then apply a clear coat or two over the decoration and nail to lock it in.

Nail Design 2

2. Experiment with layers of colors. Many reds look regal over a coat of gold. Silvers and metallic grays look great over black. Many opaque shades or shades with pearl-like attributes look cool over black.

Nail Design 3

As usual, make sure each coat is dry before applying the next. I have never actually mixed colors together before application since it seems too messy to bother. 

Nail Design 4

3. Add depth to some shades, especially metallic colors, by alternating coats with clear polish. 

Nail Design 5

4.Wear cool rings! Why? Because your nails will attract attention to your hands so dress them up a bit!

Nail Design Tips 1

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