Short and metallic nail art tips


There’s never been a better time to renew and revamp your image. For a fun and attractive look that takes only a few moments to an hour to achieve, make a conscious effort to keep your nails in tip-top shape with new nail designs this season.

short nail art

Metallics are all the rage this year, and spring is a great season to sport a trendy new look. For the best impact, keep your nails trimmed relatively short and show off a splashy metallic look. Greens, silvers, blues, blacksĀ – anything sparkly goes.

blue and silver nail art

Greens are especially hot this year, so apply a pretty green hue to get in on the latest color craze. Take an extra step toward creativity and find a color that matches your car’s shiny coat!

green and black nail art

short nail design

Short and metallic nail art tips

yellow nail

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