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You surely have at least once heard such words as “Dior” and “Louis Vuitton.” They are associated with everything luxurious and gorgeous. You can wear Dior shoes, Dior dresses and Dior perfumes. But today we will talk about nail jewellery brands and will tell you about Dior nail jewellery, and the latest fashionable trends.

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Today nail jewellery, as well as nail art, is very popular and trendy. There are hundreds of nail art technologies, nail jewellery materials, and even nail jewellery brands.

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Nail jewellery usually is applied on the little or fourth finger’s nails – the reason is that those fingers do not work as actively as your forefingers, for example. And nail jewellery usually looks especially delicate on those fingers.

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Nail jewellery brands usually present two kinds of nail jewellery: those, which are somehow glued to the nail, and those which are usually fastened by nail piercing. The second way is more preferable in general as it helps to fasten jewellery to a nail in a quite reliable way and that is important for expensive nail jewellery.


Besides, a nail looks particularly gorgeous with jewellery that looks like earrings. But you should remember that nail piercing is more preferable for artificial nails, acrylic for example. Such nails are quite strong and it is not harmful to pierce them.

nail jewellery 2010

And it is not recommended to pierce your natural nails. Even if you decided to wear nail piercing on your own natural nails, it is better if you take some vitamins and calcium before that to make your nails stronger.

3D Nail Art Designs

We strongly advise you to spoil yourselves with jewellery, including nail jewellery brands. If you feel confident and successful you are confident and successful indeed. It is also very pleasing to spoil your beloved. Surprise your spouse. Soon St. Valentine’s Day is coming and it is a nice moment to tell your other half about the love you feel and spoil him or her as much as you can.

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