Tips for applying acrylic nails at home


Like all things, applying acrylic nails at home takes much practice.

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Always begin with a clean nail surface. Wiping acetone over your own nails will clear away any oils or any old nail polish from the surface. Purchase a set of nail tips, acrylic liquid, acrylic powder, acetone, a brush for application, bonding glue, a manicure stick, and two nail boards: one with a coarse side to even out and shape the surface of the acrylic nail, and then one with a smoother side for buffing.

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Pick the nail tip that you know you will be able to work with on a daily basis. For a more special occasion it is okay to choose a much longer length.

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Before you begin, make sure to line up your work surface with several paper towels. You will need 2 small glasses or saucers: one to put the acrylic liquid in, and another to put acetone in.

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Take out each nail tip and measure which ones match closely to your own natural nail tip. The tips should not pass over too much of your own.

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Set the tips down in front of you so that once you are gluing them to your own nail, you can easily correspond them to your own nails. Follow through with each finger and each nail.


Once you have sized up all of your nail tips, take a small amount of bonding glue and place a small dot on the tip of your own nail. Take the corresponding nail tip and glue it against your own nail.

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Hold in place for a few seconds so that the tip will stick. Follow with each of your other fingers and other nails. Once you have glued all the nail tips on, t take a nail clipper, and trim down the nails to a desired length. File the edges and corners of the artificial nail tip to remove any sharp edges.

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