Tips for Girls’ Night Out Nail Art Styles

nail art for girls

Tips for Girls’ Night Out Nail Art Styles

girl nail-art

a. Attract some attention with a wild and crazy nail style such as zebra stripes, metallic glints or otherwise. Perfect for a night to the clubs or a date out on the town.

berries with a girl - black nail

b. Do a quick version of a French manicure by painting the base coat of your nails in a neutral tone, such as a salmon color. With a white hue, once dry, paint the tips of your nails carefully and as uniformly as possible. This works best if you are able to grow your nails out a bit so you can use your natural nails’ anatomy as a guide.

blue nail

c. Glitter and glamour : Choose a base color to use on all of your nails to complement your outfit. Allow that coat to dry paint another coat if necessary. 

bright nail art

d. Dark blue and black nail color look very nice with silver glitter, red with gold glitter, though the combination possibilities are endless. These glittery nail styles may complement wedding apparel, semi-formalwear and even casual attire.

Gamer Nails

Tips for Girls’ Night Out Nail Art Styles

Girl Rock Nail


Nail Art - Rich Girl

Nail Art - Rich Girl I

Nail Art - Rich Girl III

Nail Art leopard print

Leopard Print Nail Art

red nail

Rooftop nail-biter

nail art

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