Acrylic Nail / Fake Nail tips

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Acrylic nail tips, or fake nail tips, are applied by professionals at nail salons or at home. When they are applied by professionals, the acrylic used is a combination of a liquid and powder resin.

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At one time, the acrylic resin used for nail tips was of the same substance as false teeth. This type is no longer used, however, because many people were found to be allergic to it. Technology has advanced such that several different types of acrylic are now available.

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After the acrylic nail tips have dried, the nail technician uses a file and buffer to shape the nails even more, and eventually nail polish will be applied with either a regular nail polish brush or an airbrush. Airbrushing is often used to create the look of French tips or to apply a design.

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For those who do not wish to spend the money on a professional tip application, there are also home versions of the acrylic nail tips.

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These differ from the tips in that they cover the entire nail and are often pre-polished. A strong glue is used to permanently adhere the fake nail to the natural nail, and several sizes come in the kits so that the appropriate size can be used for each person’s nail.

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Acrylic Nail / Fake Nail tips

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