Acrylic Nail Tips For 2010

Acrylic Nail art 2010

Many people like the look of long fingernails, but not everyone can grow long fingernails on their own. When nails are weak or brittle, acrylic nail tips can be attached to the natural nail to create the illusion of longer natural fingernails.

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Acrylic is a durable plastic that can be formed and molded into different shapes, and the acrylic used for nail tips comes in a couple of different forms.

Acrylic Nail art

Acrylic nail tips, or fake nail tips, are applied by professionals at nail salons or at home.

When they are applied by professionals, the acrylic used is a combination of a liquid and powder resin. These substances are mixed together to form a paste and after a nail tip has been glued to the natural nail, the paste is applied on top.

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As the acrylic dries, the powder and liquid react by hardening. By the time the resin is completely dry the acrylic nail tips are strong and durable.


At one time, the acrylic resin used for nail tips was of the same substance as false teeth. This type is no longer used, however, because many people were found to be allergic to it.

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