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For women and transgendered people all over the world, press on nails is a quick fix to short and stubby nails in a pinch.

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For cross dressers, it is sometimes a hard day explaining to someone who does not know about the secret life, as to why your nails are abnormally long as a male. For this purpose, press on nails are easy to use and discard when needed the most. A full set of acrylic nails would be a waste in situations like this, when the usefulness does not outweigh the rumors.

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Press on nails can be done at home using the glue pads that come in the package, or even super glue or nail glue bought at a beauty supply store.

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Now place the press on nail onto the natural nail and hold for 1 minute. This will secure the nail in place and you can polish or leave them as they appear.

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All about nails – press on nails

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