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Decorating your nails with colorful designs and adorning them with crystals is nothing new to the girls into hip hop and street culture.


You see them on the video models in music videos and on celebrities like Fergie and Gwen Stefani. The only difference is that it’s becoming a form of wearable art for cool chicks and not the tacky talons that are associated with nail art.

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Designer Nails are becoming popular. Especially in the UK and in Japan where Streetwear influence is strong and young trendy women are wearing decorated nails more and more.

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Japanese Nail Art Designer, Nadine Takano is the creator behind Nadine, a premier nail bar and spa based in Tokyo. She’s the innovator behind this growing trend and it seems to be catching on by trend setters around the globe.

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Now, she has a nail salon in Honolulu, Hawaii as well.


Much like jewelry design, nails are the new accessory for a new kind of person. Accepted by streetwear culture and worn as art. These colorful candy-like pieces make a bold statement.

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