French Manicure Nails – 2010 Nails Art

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French Manicure Nails are a great way to doll up your nails and add some sass to your overall appearance.

French Manicure Nails 4

The classic French Manicure dates as far back as the 1800s and is based on a high luster ‘natural’ nail look using a nude color at the base of the nail with a color very closely resembling the natural skin tone, and a lusterous white nail tip.

French Manicure Nails 1

Also part of the classical french manicure is a squarish trim of the finger nail tip, which gives the nail slightly more impact and gives the visual appeal of elongating both the nail and the finger vs a more rounded trim.

French Manicure Nails 2

Since the 1800s a couple of things have come into the french manicure, one of these is the use of a filler base coat below the nail polish as the first application to the nail.

French Manicure Nails 3

This base coat usually helps the next layers of polish better adhere to the nail and prevent the color from running which makes applying the two colors on the same nail easier.

French Manicure Nails 5

French Manicure Nails – 2010 Nails Art

French Manicure Nails

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2 Responses to “French Manicure Nails – 2010 Nails Art”

  1. Camilla DeCicco says:

    I love the fish/under the sea french manicure. How did you do it?

  2. Camdyn says:

    I think the fish/sea french nail art is awesome! I would love to know how it was done. I have provided my email address. I’m anxiously awaiting a response. Camilla

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