Nail fungus treatment

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Nail fungus is probably one of the most difficult skin fungal infections that are hard to treat. This is because the fungus is pretty tough to fight off and the infection lies inside the nails.

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There are several nail fungus treatments available and the effectiveness of each depends on how severe your nail fungus is.

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One choice in treating a nail fungus is by taking prescription drugs given to you by your doctor. You can see results in a matter of two weeks from your first intake.

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However, you will have to continue taking your medication to keep the fungus at bay. This will go on until your infected nails have fully been outgrown by new healthy nails.

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If you much prefer a home remedy, you can soak your nails on a liquid mixture of apple cider vinegar and hydrogen peroxide. Soak your hands for about one hour each day and results will depend on how severe the infection is. Hydrogen peroxide can dry the skin more so you have to moisturize your skin regularly.

There are people who prefer herbal treatments as well.

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You can find these on local stores and even online. Make sure that what you will buy is really something organic as there are some brands who fail to live up to the “herbal” quality.

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  1. rent adult says:

    would it be possible to translate your website into spanish because i have difficulties of speaking to english, and as there are not many pictures on your website i would like to read more of what you are writting .

  2. Larita Jablon says:

    Whenever i have nail fungus, what i would usually do is put some anti-fungals on the nail surface.:`’:’

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