Short Nail Arts in 2010 – Nail Art Trends

nail for 2010

Having short nails can make it difficult to put any nail art designs on them. However, you can still have wonderful nail art designs on your short nails as long as you select the right pattern for you.

Short Nail Arts

Short nails can be stunning too when they have nail art designs. Nail art designs for short nails are available in different designs that can be used with different nail polish colors.

french manicure short nails

A lot of ladies will have to agree that beautifying short nails is a lot more difficult than doing long nails. At first, designing short nails can be a cumbersome task but with constant practice, you will get used to it eventually and the process becomes easier than before.


Choosing a simple pattern is a great step to having beautiful nails. This is because complicated designs can become crowded in a short nail and it will look untidy afterwards.

Short Nail Arts 1

Short Nail Arts in 2010Nail Art Trends

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