Women manicured nails trends

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Manicures generally include shaping the nails, cuticle care, hand massage and polishing and giving a glossy finish to the nails.

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Professionally manicured nails look neat and very attractive.

Nail art is an artistic process, which involves special care of the nails. The nails can later be decorated with designs and colors that can range from plain prints and glitter to crystal and abstracts.

Acrylic nails are stuck on the nails in order to extended them. This works best for people who do not have long nails or chipped nails. The nails can then be polished with any color and smoothened to give it a natural look.

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Nail art is an imaginative process and people can get their nails painted or stick different gems or water based decals.

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Hand painted nail art involves painting innovative designs on the nails. Sharp brushes are used in order to paint fine dots. People apply several coats of clear nail polish. After that, they use a toothpick to make stripes or patterns. When the paint is partially dry, people fix hearts or stars on it.

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