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Black finger nail polish

Lindsay Lohan started it. Or maybe it was Gwyneth Paltrow, Helen Mirren, Nicole Kidman,  or-really-David Beckham.

Black Finger Nail Polish

Black nail polish is everywhere. On celebrities, in fashion magazines, and, believe it or not, on Washington women’s finger and toe nails.

Black nail

The must-have item is by Chanel, retails for $18 a bottle, and is called Black Satin. Unlike un-Chanel predecessors of punk years past, this one’s chic: a rich, saturated, ultra-shiny black with a trace of blue that looks like patent leather.

Mainstream Black Nails

beautiful nail art

Mainstream Black Nails

If you are going for a more traditional look, you must take care to avoid being mistaken for a goth! Worn properly, black nail polish can be either amazing or classy and sophisticated. Here are a few tips for using your black nails to the best advantage:


Do not wear black clothing.
Black tends to look classiest on short, well-manicured nails. Extremely long or obviously fake black nails simply look scary or costumish.

How about black nail polish in 2010?

 black nail color polish

The beauty of black nail polish is that, when applied correctly, it adds a bit of an edge to an otherwise ultra-femme outfit or a bit of class to a grungier look. However, some people end up looking like bad Halloween witches when they wear black nail polish. Why is that? Well, the secret to properly sporting black is all in the nails.

black nail polish

If the nails are cut damn near the bone, the black makes fingers look stubby. If nails are too long, the dark polish gives that weird “witch with talons” effect. The best thing to do is cut the nails short and square. It’s very mod, no?

2010 black nail polish trend

That’s right, I said it: black nail polish. To most people, the trend may bring about thoughts of wannabe-punk thirteen year-olds, but I assure you, black nail polish will stick around for a very long time.


Celebrity Anne Hathaway looked stunning with black nail polish.


2010 black nail polish trend

Jennifer Lopez wearing Dior Vernis polish in Black Sequins.

2010 Celebrities with their black nails art!

What’s black, sometimes white, and glitzed all over? It’s the black nail polish trend taken up a notch, that’s what. I’ve spotted different stars putting a new spin on this trend. In stead of a straight up manicure with black polish, these celebrities have taken it up several notches with their own unique embellishments.

black nail art

Paris Hilton has been sporting a black and white French manicure; Solange Knowles opted for some geometric gold patterns at an event last month; and singer Keri Hilson chose a black with silver stripes design at her launch party.

Heidi Klum took her black lacquered nails

How to wear black nail polish in 2010

black nail art for the coming year

Today, black nail polish has gone conventional. Now seen on the digits of famous stars such as Lindsay Lohan and Jessica Alba, black nails have invaded the mainstream and even the red carpet.


Although it still connotes a bad look effect, it becomes sophisticated and glamorous when worn together with the right outfit.

Why black nail polish?

black nail art and color

Most of us equate black nail polish with the punk or goth look. But do you know that it is more than just a rebellion in a bottle? Black nails have been linked to defiance just recently. Before, black nails used to denote extravagant living and royalty. It all started in China where social ranking is signified through the nail colors people wear.

black nail art

After that era, different nail colors emerged and black, in its lack of color, has been forgotten. It was in the seventies when amazing rockstars again introduced black nail polish.

Elegant black nail polish

Black nail polish. It’s everywhere. On celebrities, in fashion magazines… Not just for teens, black nail polish looks chic and sophisticated on all ages.


Black polish looks best on short, square nails.


Hot black nail manicure.

2010 Hot Black Nails Trends

black nail color

Black nails have not always been a sign of an anti-establishment agenda. In fact, jet-black nails used to speak of royalty and lavish living.

Nail Art - Hand Painted

In ancient China, nail color was used to signify social ranking, with mere commoners enjoying shades of pink while the royals used red and black.

Top 5 Nail Colors for 2010

2010 nail color trends

Top 5 Nail Colors for 2010

black nails art

Black Nail Colors

Yes, black nails are still in, and it is always the top nail color!  Not only are they in, they’re basically becoming the fall back color for most ladies. In between manicures, it’s easy to just swipe a coat of black polish on to get you by until your next appointment.

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