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Top 5 Nail Colors for 2010

2010 nail color trends

Top 5 Nail Colors for 2010

black nails art

Black Nail Colors

Yes, black nails are still in, and it is always the top nail color!  Not only are they in, they’re basically becoming the fall back color for most ladies. In between manicures, it’s easy to just swipe a coat of black polish on to get you by until your next appointment.

2010 Blue Nail Art

blue nails art

2010 Blue Nail Art

Today, we will introduce blue nails art to you.

amazing blue nail

Blue Nails Art Tips:

If you paint a solid coat of a dark blue on your nails first, then paint a thin coat of a transparent black on top it gives it a pretty cool effect of black when there is no reflection of light on your nails, but when there is light reflecting off of them, you can see a tint of dark blue/navy coming thru. Elvira nail color is best for transparent colors. Nyc is best for solid colors and base/topcoats.

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