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2012 Trendy Nails Art

2012 Trendy Nails Art

nails art 2012

Today we are going to show you some amazing nail art designs for this new year 2012. The summer is coming. You can choose some new and popular patterns for your summer nail designs, such as: Flowers, stars, hearts, funny pattern or nails with jewels. Also, you can learn some nails design ideals from celebrities, they can tell you what are the best ones.


Red Nail Color For 2012 From Celebrities

Lady Gaga Red Nail Polish

Lady Gaga Red Nail Polish

Lady Gaga showed off her famous talon nails that were coated in red paint at the 2011 CFDA Awards

Lady Gaga Red Nail Polish1

2011 Nail Color Trends From Celebrities

2011 Nail Art Trends From Celebrities

From Beyonce to Solange, nail art is news, and hot new nail designs are becoming an extension of a celeb’s overall image.

The celebrity nail color ideas would offer you the living proof, how these timeless shades manage to keep their spotless reputation also on the red carpet encouraging millions to copycat the chic looks.

You might see anything from gleaming gold (Beyonce) to ten little portraits of her very own face (Lady Gaga) to tiger stripes (Rihanna) to multicolored rhinestones (Kid Sister).

Draw some inspiration from the nail colors of your favorite celebs and sport some of the on trend hues of the next season.

Today let’s see some nail art photos from those hot celebrities. 

Ruby Rose Purple Nail Art

Ruby Rose Purple Nail Art

Ruby Rose Purple Nail Art1 

2010 White Nail Polish Trends

2010 White Nail Polish Trends

Apparently Everyone in the world is wearing white nail polish right now. Look at the white nails! Isn’t that great!

Jaslene Gonzalez, Omahyra Mota

I was reading my People style watch magazine couple of weeks ago and it said that white nail polish is in.


2010 black nail polish trend

That’s right, I said it: black nail polish. To most people, the trend may bring about thoughts of wannabe-punk thirteen year-olds, but I assure you, black nail polish will stick around for a very long time.


Celebrity Anne Hathaway looked stunning with black nail polish.


2010 black nail polish trend

Jennifer Lopez wearing Dior Vernis polish in Black Sequins.

2010 Celebrities with their black nails art!

What’s black, sometimes white, and glitzed all over? It’s the black nail polish trend taken up a notch, that’s what. I’ve spotted different stars putting a new spin on this trend. In stead of a straight up manicure with black polish, these celebrities have taken it up several notches with their own unique embellishments.

black nail art

Paris Hilton has been sporting a black and white French manicure; Solange Knowles opted for some geometric gold patterns at an event last month; and singer Keri Hilson chose a black with silver stripes design at her launch party.

Heidi Klum took her black lacquered nails

Victoria Beckham Nail Color

Victoria Beckham Nail Color

Victoria Beckham blue nail

Victoria Beckham blue nail

These Hollywood stars, most of whom are American, either set or follow new nail fashion trends. Not every woman, of course, pays attention to the hottest nail colors, shapes, or lengths of the moment; some ladies have their signature look and stick to it for years regardless of what’s “in vogue.”

Elegant black nail polish

Black nail polish. It’s everywhere. On celebrities, in fashion magazines… Not just for teens, black nail polish looks chic and sophisticated on all ages.


Black polish looks best on short, square nails.


Hot black nail manicure.

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