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Pretty Pink Nail Art


Women can instantly dress up their hands with pink nail designs, from simple to elaborate.

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This collection of manicures featuring all kinds of pink is sure to give you some ideas the next time you want a change.

2010 pink nail trends

2010 pink nail trends

pink nail color 2010

Even when there are over 10,000 shades to choose from, feminine pink nail polish still stands out. The modish pink nail polish color is a amazing color trend that stays every time. Wear it in a summer morning to complement your sweet and dainty summer dress or wear it hot in the evening to tone down a fierce look.

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Since pink is the color of love, wear it with a Heart’s Day-inspired nail art. Pink is a classic color and has always been in style.

Pink Nails Art & Nails Tip

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There are several different types of artificial nails, including acrylic, gel, wraps, and press-on nails. Some salons may have specialty nail applications as well, such as “Diamond Dust” nails. They each have different compositions, techniques, and costs involved.

Pinky rose heart and bow nails

Although fake nails may stand up to a bit more abuse than natural nails, it’s still important to treat your nails right. This means proper hand and nail care, including not using your fingernails as tools.

Pink Nail Art

pink nails

Pink Nail Art

Nail art designs can easily transform fingertips from ho-hum to hot! From demure, understated artwork to more intricate, complex creations, nail art is to the hand what a great dress is to a woman’s figure – stylish and flattering.

With so many different types of nail art designs to choose from, the options are endless. Depending on her profession, lifestyle and personal tastes, a woman may choose something very simple, or she may opt for something intriguing and wild. Either way, the result is one that’s unfailingly eye-catching.

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