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Red Nail Color For 2012 From Celebrities

Lady Gaga Red Nail Polish

Lady Gaga Red Nail Polish

Lady Gaga showed off her famous talon nails that were coated in red paint at the 2011 CFDA Awards

Lady Gaga Red Nail Polish1

Red Nail Color Trends

red nail color

Red Nail Color Trends

red color

Red is always a big color. Especially around the holiday season. With red lipstick making a comeback, red nails are the perfect match.

Long Red Fingernails

red long fingernail 2010

Long red fingernails are eye-catching and glamorous, but they also require a fair amount of upkeep. Of course, any decent manicure should be well cared for, but dark, dramatic and extra-long nails require just a bit more attention.

red nails

Just the idea of wearing red nails can be daunting to some women. The color is bold, bright and guaranteed to elicit at least some attention. One way to minimize the impact red nails might have is to wear them on short nails that are square and oval shaped at once.

2010 red nail polish trend

If you were a color of nail polish, what color would you be? Red, of course. It’s not that red nails have ever gone out of style, it’s just that the variation of shades and the shape of the nail changes. This season, short red nails are red hot!



Top 5 Nail Colors for 2010

2010 nail color trends

Top 5 Nail Colors for 2010

black nails art

Black Nail Colors

Yes, black nails are still in, and it is always the top nail color!  Not only are they in, they’re basically becoming the fall back color for most ladies. In between manicures, it’s easy to just swipe a coat of black polish on to get you by until your next appointment.

Red nail polish tips

Red nail art

 photo via nail art

Red color always looks better on nails that are well shaped. If your nails are wide, taper the side edge and give it a round look. File long nails straight across and round the edges.

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