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Beautiful nails for 2010

nail art photos for 2010

Gone were the days when having beautiful nails only meant a few strokes of colored nail polish.


Today, it goes beyond the traditional way of decorating the nails with your favorite nail color. A lot of innovations were made to suit every type of lady. Nail art has undergone several improvements over the years. Nail technicians used to do basic manicure and apply nail paint afterwards.

Japanese nail art 2010 trends

Japanese nail art photos

Stereoscopic nail art has been popular in Japan since the mid-90s and the nail style is increasing in popularity in the US and other parts of the world too now.

Japanese nail art

This isn’t your staid French manicure on a sports-length acrylic nail either. We’re talking one to two inches of nail extending past the tip of the finger.

How to Make a Manicure?

Our nails are made up of a hard protein called keratin. Did you know that?

 Manicure photojpg

Our nails are very crucial to us as they help protect the ends of the fingers and toes from any trauma and assist us in picking up small things.


Perhaps over the past century or so, nails have grown a lot of importance cosmetically. This is when manicuring came into prominence.

How to Make Acrylic Nail Designs

acrylics nail

Acrylic nails are basically non-natural nails. They are grown naturally on fingers. This is a process for those who have a problem with their nails, for those who nails are not growing properly.

Mermaid Nails

These people can use acrylic nails and can enjoy good looking nails for any unique junctures. These can be used as a daily wear also.

Gel Nail Art Tips You Should Know

gel nail art photos

If you want to look beautiful, you can apply many things. Beauty did not come from a glowing face or dressing style only.

dark blue with some rihnstone on nails

Beauty means the complete appearance and that means every part of your body. It sounds interesting and here we will talk about the nails. Today everybody looks to prudish and proper formed nails. Especially women’s have crazed about having beautiful nails

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