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Acrylic Fingernails

Acrylic nails photos

Acrylic nails are the latest craze, defining the fashion and taste of today’s women. The reason behind their popularity can be related to their variety of nail colors and designer patterns, customized to suit the taste of every woman.

Acrylic nails

They are ideal to sport in special occasions and can also be used as a signature of your regular day to day style.

Talking About Finger Nail Art

 Beauiful Finger Nail Art 2010

Finger Nail Art has become a fascinating task for most women all over the world to make their fingers and nails look attractive. 

Finger Nail Art 2010

Many people consider having great looking nails very special and appealing. It is a great pleasure to look at beautiful manicured nails.

Long Red Fingernails

red long fingernail 2010

Long red fingernails are eye-catching and glamorous, but they also require a fair amount of upkeep. Of course, any decent manicure should be well cared for, but dark, dramatic and extra-long nails require just a bit more attention.

red nails

Just the idea of wearing red nails can be daunting to some women. The color is bold, bright and guaranteed to elicit at least some attention. One way to minimize the impact red nails might have is to wear them on short nails that are square and oval shaped at once.

2010 bright nail colors trends

Bright nail color

For 2010 nail colors are going to be bright and vibrant. Fashion has taken a turn and bright nail colors with lots of designs or detailing will be in big demand.

bright nail color 2010

Many of the celebrities have been spotted with colorful nails and more people will definitely follow. Color helps to bring out the nails but colors such as yellow and pink are only the beginning. 

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