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French Manicure Nails – 2010 Nails Art

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French Manicure Nails are a great way to doll up your nails and add some sass to your overall appearance.

French Manicure Nails 4

The classic French Manicure dates as far back as the 1800s and is based on a high luster ‘natural’ nail look using a nude color at the base of the nail with a color very closely resembling the natural skin tone, and a lusterous white nail tip.

French manicure nail art designs

French manicure nail art designs

French nail art has seen many innovations and techniques wherein the artist actually considers the nails as a canvas. French nail art can be designed to look very stunning and can be the object of envy for others. So, let us see some ways on how to achieve attractive nails to compliment your outfits.

marbled french manicure

Today, nail art includes the use of jewels on your nails to have sparkling nails for a formal do. Most salons experiment with small silver ringlets or similar jewelry when it comes to French nail art. Photos from Nail Art

Modern manicure 2010

Modern manicure 2010

Since we use our hands too often on many things, it’s quite proper to take good care of them. One of the best ways to treat them, aside of course from using hygienic products and taking safety measures in order to protect them from being damaged, is to give them a manicure.

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What a nail manicure basically does is that it keeps the nails tidy and makes the hands look clean. However, it will not only beautify your hands. There is really more to it than just simple good grooming. It can give a lot of benefits as well and among those benefits is protection.

French Manicure Nail Art Tips

French  Nail Art

French manicure nail art can look stunning with very simple designs. For example, a hand painted flower and a Swarovski rhinestone is quite simple to create but looks clean and fresh with the French manicure background.


To create a French manicure, you would use the white enamel to just paint the free edge of the nail creating a nicely curving smile line to best enhance your natural nail shape.

2010 French Manicure Nails Design

2010 French Manicure Nails Design for Hot

Everyone loves French Manicure Nails Design as it makes any length nail look clean and elegant and is suitable for all occasions.

French Manicure2

If the ‘bright white’ of traditional French Manicure Nails doesn’t appeal to you, choose a soft white for a more natural looking one – this can be either Nail Polish, French Acrylic Powder or French Gel. Both Ez Flow and Creative Nail Design have a wonderful collection of French Manicure polishes to choose from and both systems have a selection of Gel and Acrylic products in different shades of white, from bright to cream.

2010 Bridal Nail Art Design Tips – French manicure bridal nail designs

Bridal nail art for 2010 wedding

2010 Bridal Nail Art Design Tips 

Nail Art French Manicure

Have you ever wanted to create some charming, magnificent, splendid piece of nail art for yourself or for your friends? If the answer is yes, Wedding Nail art is the program for you.

How to do a French Manicure – Nail Art Tips

french manicure trends

Apply white nail polish to the exposed tips of your fingernails, and then let them dry. Keep the area that you will paint white thin.

marbled french manicure

If you go too widely on the white paint, your nails will look chunky.You want a clean sophisticated look so less is more !

2010 French manicure nail art

French Manicure

Women are becoming more and more addicted to have their manicure done. It is not a bad thing because beautiful manicured nails can help change the appearance of a person, making her look more groomed and sophisticated.

marbled french manicure

Nail art has become more and more popular and it has grown very much since artificial nails were invented. 

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