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French Manicure Nail Art Tips

French  Nail Art

French manicure nail art can look stunning with very simple designs. For example, a hand painted flower and a Swarovski rhinestone is quite simple to create but looks clean and fresh with the French manicure background.


To create a French manicure, you would use the white enamel to just paint the free edge of the nail creating a nicely curving smile line to best enhance your natural nail shape.

2010 French manicure nail art

French Manicure

Women are becoming more and more addicted to have their manicure done. It is not a bad thing because beautiful manicured nails can help change the appearance of a person, making her look more groomed and sophisticated.

marbled french manicure

Nail art has become more and more popular and it has grown very much since artificial nails were invented. 

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