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2010 Artificial Nails

2010 Artificial Nails trends

If you are a person with nails that easily crack or break, investing in artificial nails would be a good idea. You can get them anytime you wish but you should not do it without taking the necessary precautions.

nail art design

You should check out if you do have some allergies in the products that you are going to use. It would be better if you will first apply a product to one of your nails and wait for several days to find out if something will happen, particularly if a reaction would take place.

Do You Like 3D Nail Art?

3d nail art trends

Lots of 3D Nail Art in the main galleries, but we’re just gonna show you a brief glimse of what 3D nails are all about just in case there’s anybody there who is’nt too familiar with the whole 3 Dimensional concept.

How to wear black nail polish in 2010

black nail art for the coming year

Today, black nail polish has gone conventional. Now seen on the digits of famous stars such as Lindsay Lohan and Jessica Alba, black nails have invaded the mainstream and even the red carpet.


Although it still connotes a bad look effect, it becomes sophisticated and glamorous when worn together with the right outfit.

2010 French Manicure Nails Design

2010 French Manicure Nails Design for Hot

Everyone loves French Manicure Nails Design as it makes any length nail look clean and elegant and is suitable for all occasions.

French Manicure2

If the ‘bright white’ of traditional French Manicure Nails doesn’t appeal to you, choose a soft white for a more natural looking one – this can be either Nail Polish, French Acrylic Powder or French Gel. Both Ez Flow and Creative Nail Design have a wonderful collection of French Manicure polishes to choose from and both systems have a selection of Gel and Acrylic products in different shades of white, from bright to cream.

2010 Bridal Nail Art Tips

2010 Bridal Nail Art

The wedding day is definitely a very special moment for all women. In that special day, we would all want to look our best by being the most beautiful we can be.

pink and white wedding nail art

¬†On that day, the bride will be in the spotlight for a whole day. Friends and guests will look at the bride’s total garb, the hairdo, rings, makeup and other stuff.

How to do a French Manicure – Nail Art Tips

french manicure trends

Apply white nail polish to the exposed tips of your fingernails, and then let them dry. Keep the area that you will paint white thin.

marbled french manicure

If you go too widely on the white paint, your nails will look chunky.You want a clean sophisticated look so less is more !

More about Japanese nail art


When we talk about art people just go crazy whether it’s painting, sculpting or simple decoration. It’s not just color fascination but also the overall fine art that lug people towards it.

pink hot nail art

Now you may think nail art is very usual, every parlour gives you this service and we completely admit that. You might have even tried few but we are sure you wouldn’t have tried “Japanese Nail Art”.If not …than surely try this, its amazing and next to possible after French manicure success!

2010 Japanese Nail Art for the Coming Year

2010 Japanese Nail design

2010 Japanese Nail Art for the Coming Year

2010 Japanese Nail Art - hello kitty

The Japanese clearly stands out in almost all things. Not only are they advanced in their technology, but they are able to cope with, even exceed fashion statements.

Talking about nail color for 2010

2010 nail color for hot

You can expect various shades of brown in the coming season. You can expect colors like sand in the coming season. But, this may be teamed up with other colors in the trend. You can also expect nail art in this color.

colorful nail art

Metallic shades may be in vogue in the coming season of nail trends. You can expect different metallic shades in these colors. You can expect nail colors like gold and silver in this context. You can also expect nail colors like metallic blue in the coming season.

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