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2010 Caring for your long nails

long nail care

We have worked our fingers to the bone all year, and now it is time for some pampering Рright ladies? But once we have the long nails how do we keep them looking nice? Well, the best solution is get someone else to do everything for you! But when that fails, you will want to just want to keep a few things in mind to care for those beautiful long nails.

nail art

First of all, make sure that your nails are always painted. If you don’t have a special event to attend or you have messed up only one nail and now have to repaint all of them anyway, then you will want to be sure that you at least put on a clear coat of nail polish.

Long Red Fingernails

red long fingernail 2010

Long red fingernails are eye-catching and glamorous, but they also require a fair amount of upkeep. Of course, any decent manicure should be well cared for, but dark, dramatic and extra-long nails require just a bit more attention.

red nails

Just the idea of wearing red nails can be daunting to some women. The color is bold, bright and guaranteed to elicit at least some attention. One way to minimize the impact red nails might have is to wear them on short nails that are square and oval shaped at once.

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