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UV Gel Nails Info

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UV gel nails are a type of artificial nails. A woman may have them applied to her fingernails as an alternative to acrylic nails if she wants her nails to look longer, more even, and stronger.

 UV Gel Nails

UV gel nails are made of a special odorless gel that is applied to a person’s regular nail and then cured. Usually, they are cured with ultraviolet light, which is why they are called UV gel nails.

Another Nail Art Tip For You


Nail chips habitually used by many women are artificial nails with stylish designs that only need to be glued to your natural nails to glam up the fingertips.

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Though stereoscopic and Japanesque nail designs are popular over here they are still rare in other countries. That is why foreign visitors are often puzzled to see this delicate art.

All about nails – press on nails

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For women and transgendered people all over the world, press on nails is a quick fix to short and stubby nails in a pinch.

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For cross dressers, it is sometimes a hard day explaining to someone who does not know about the secret life, as to why your nails are abnormally long as a male. For this purpose, press on nails are easy to use and discard when needed the most. A full set of acrylic nails would be a waste in situations like this, when the usefulness does not outweigh the rumors.

Tips for applying acrylic nails at home


Like all things, applying acrylic nails at home takes much practice.

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Always begin with a clean nail surface. Wiping acetone over your own nails will clear away any oils or any old nail polish from the surface. Purchase a set of nail tips, acrylic liquid, acrylic powder, acetone, a brush for application, bonding glue, a manicure stick, and two nail boards: one with a coarse side to even out and shape the surface of the acrylic nail, and then one with a smoother side for buffing.

Nail art trends

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The nail art trend has been evolving as time changes and different unique ideas are being thought of. Its evolution has gone from being a combination of various nail colors to addition of several artistic media.

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Acrylic nail a popular form of nail extension using liquid and powder nail extensions.

Acrylic nail – How much do you know it?

Acrylic nail art photos

Acrylic nail tips, or fake nail tips, are applied by professionals at nail salons or at home.

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When they are applied by professionals, the acrylic used is a combination of a liquid and powder resin. These substances are mixed together to form a paste and after a nail tip has been glued to the natural nail, the paste is applied on top.

2010 acrylic nail

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Many people like the look of long fingernails, but not everyone can grow long fingernails on their own. When nails are weak or brittle, acrylic nail tips can be attached to the natural nail to create the illusion of longer natural fingernails.

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Acrylic is a durable plastic that can be formed and molded into different shapes, and the acrylic used for nail tips comes in a couple of different forms.

Types of Nail Designs

Nail Types

Types of Nail Designs:


These are also available in sticker form or as nail polish. In polish it is mixed with glitters. Using this type of stickers increases the beauty and gives pleasant look for nails.

nature and pink


These are basically stickers. It is pasted on to the nail after polishing or pasted independently. With increase in demand it is available in different nail designs and in different shapes.

Nail Design And Nail Art

Nail Art and nail Designs

I believe nail design or nail art is one obsession some women couldn’t resist. With my last visit in Japan, I noticed that nail art salons are all over the place especially in every subway station. As what I have observed, women seem to pop in and out from the nail art salon either before or after their rides.

Nail Design and art

Well, I really admire how the Japanese has created these fancy nail designs and art works on their nails that really look splendid. But these simply from practical nail arts to the flamboyance decorated nails have their own price of course.

Gel nail – Just have a try!

Gel nail photos

Gel nail – Just have a try!

Gel nail 11

The gel nails are very thin and look like natural nails. The delicate look makes it appear natural when you apply them on your fingers.

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