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Have you tried nail art for your hands?

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The beauty of our appearance does not just depend on our dressing styles and garment selection but also on the way we present and carry us.


A lot of our interaction is dependent on our hands and fingers, which has contributed in popularizing manicuring and nail care accessories to a great extent including the health factors associated with nails.

Do You Like Minx Nails?

minx nails trends 2010

One of the biggest nail trends to hit the celebrity circuit has nothing at all to do with polish but rather stickers, more specifically Minx Nails

Minx Nails megan fox

Megan Fox recently donned a set of mirror-like gold Minx for the Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen premiere and over the past year stars like Beyonce, Pink, Rihanna and Blake Lively have all been spotted wearing these unique nail enhancements.

Nail Art Kits Tips

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Nail art skills are specifically acquired by the nail artists who create beautiful nail arts and even use the skill as their profession. However, it may not be always possible to seek the help of a nail artist for adorning your nails while you are in a hurry.

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You can now easily touch up your nails with the most beautiful nail art and still do not have to depend on a nail artist. You just need to get yourself any of the nail art kits available to guide you with the different techniques and procedures of performing nail arts.

Nail Design Review

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It is plain to see that the variety of nail patterns is truly tremendous and can safely be interpreted as a sign of progress of nail art. This is the aspect of the general nail art process that lies on the surface, but certainly there is much more to it.

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Nail art is much more than a subsidiary direction of the beauty industry, it deserves individual treatment and has developed into an absolutely independent sphere of activity of beauty professionals.

Artificial nails tips in the coming year

acrylic nails photos.

The latest invention in nail grooming and care is acrylic nails. These are artificial nails that are pasted onto the real nail. Acrylic nails are basically made by mixing a particular powder and liquid.

Blue Nails 

The only reason it is preferred while preparing acrylic nails is because of its cost effectiveness. Amongst its side effects are serious skin reactions and deformities in natural nail growth.

Nail Design Tips – 2010 Nail Art

Nail Design Tips - 2010 Nail Art

Nails can tell you a lot about person. Whether he or she is healthy or not, whether he or she has good taste or not, even what traits of character he or she has.

black nai art design

Anyway each person in his or her heart’s heart usually tries to be the most beautiful and has everything perfect in his or her appearance. That is why nail art and nail technologies are quite popular today.

2010 Nail Art

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Nail art is very popular practice presently. Every woman wants a long, shiny, healthy and designer nails. At every occasion, the women designed their nails in a different manner by make use of different designs.


Long nails enhance the beauty of the hands and the best nail work highlight the overall look of the hands. There are a number of nail salons and nail spas where many nail artists doing the job of decorating the nails of the woman.

Nail art trends in the coming year

nail color in the coming year

Nail art trends in the coming year

Nail Art in the coming year

There are a few things that can tell you a lot about the woman. Personality is revealed in everything a woman does, wears and prefers. Want to know what mood your girlfriend is today? Look at her nails! Pay attention to the color of her polish. Is it elegant, playful or casual? Does a woman want to make a statement with her nails or she just wants to keep it low-key? Nail polish tells everything.

Nail art design tips for party 2010

prom nail art design

Every prom night is a special night for all ladies throughout the world. This is one of those nights that you spend days preparing for it so you would look your best on that day.

Prom night corsage

However, one factor that most girls overlook is making preparations for their nails as well. It is important to pay attention to your nail needs days before the actual prom. You have to take care of your nails and make sure they are at their top shape during your special night.

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