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Something About Nail Art – 1

Nail Art 2010

Many people like the look of long fingernails, but not everyone can grow long fingernails on their own.

Nail Art 7

Then nails are weak or brittle, acrylic nail tips can be attached to the natural nail to create the illusion of longer natural fingernails.

2010 nail art design tips

The beauty of our appearance does not just depend on our dressing styles and garment selection but also on the way we present and carry us.

nail art design 2010

A lot of our interaction is dependent on our hands and fingers, which has contributed in popularizing manicuring and nail care accessories to a great extent including the health factors associated with nails. Once your nails are manicured and ready to flaunt their gloss and shine it is time to decorate your nails with beauty and style.

nail art design5

Nail art is an imaginative and artistic process, involving special care and expertise for bringing out the best effects.

Nail art trends

nail for women 2010

The nail art trend has been evolving as time changes and different unique ideas are being thought of. Its evolution has gone from being a combination of various nail colors to addition of several artistic media.

Nail art trends1

Acrylic nail a popular form of nail extension using liquid and powder nail extensions.

2010 expensive nail art

nail photos

Nail art has become part of almost every woman’s life as an added enhancer to the total feminine look. No longer do we get contented with the usual nail polish as every year delights us with a lot of nail art possibilities.

white and red nail

It has rather become some sort of cult in the fashion world and one option for this art is the 3D nail stickers. Preparing for those night outs would require you to beautify yourself from your makeup, to shoes and clothes, and now with your nails as well.

Nail Design Tips For You

Nail Design tips for you

Here are somen Nail Design Tips for you:

Nail Design 1

1. Don’t use crazy glue to glue decorations to your nails, even over layers of polish! It will eat through polish and can ruin nails.

People have suggested nail glue but I have had problems with that too. I tend to use clear polish as glue and then apply a clear coat or two over the decoration and nail to lock it in.

Japanese nail art 2010 trends

Japanese nail art photos

Stereoscopic nail art has been popular in Japan since the mid-90s and the nail style is increasing in popularity in the US and other parts of the world too now.

Japanese nail art

This isn’t your staid French manicure on a sports-length acrylic nail either. We’re talking one to two inches of nail extending past the tip of the finger.

More About Minx Nails


Conventional nail polish and nail art are things of the past now that Minx Nails have arrived.


Minx Nails are the latest celebrity trend and have been spotted on the hands of Beyonce, Solange, Eve, Rihanna and Mariah Carey. Since Minx is a flexible film, not a polish, you can have virtually any design. 

Nail Art Kits Tips

beautiful nail photos

Nail art skills are specifically acquired by the nail artists who create beautiful nail arts and even use the skill as their profession. However, it may not be always possible to seek the help of a nail artist for adorning your nails while you are in a hurry.

beautiful nail

You can now easily touch up your nails with the most beautiful nail art and still do not have to depend on a nail artist. You just need to get yourself any of the nail art kits available to guide you with the different techniques and procedures of performing nail arts.

Nail Art Polish

Nail Art Polish

Painting on nails has been popular from time immemorial and at different stages of the development of human civilization; nail art was viewed form several different perspectives and served different purposes.

red nail polish

It stands to reason that nail art polish was not available until the 19th century, but there were a lot of natural materials that were effectively used fro fingernail painting and decoration.

Nail art advice – Nail Art Tips

nail photos

There are special strings that can be seen for nail art advice. There are various nail colors, materials, and torsions. It is possible also to use free nail art ideas for the usual strings that are used for the embroidery with gold or silver.

dark nail art

The strings are pasted on with glue or transparent polish. Please keep in mind that gluing is the main thing. The string should not touch the cuticle and should not reach the edge of the nail.

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