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Nail for 2010

amazing nail photos

The advent of easy fingernail art is a great asset for modern women who are constantly in a rush. Simple nail art is capable of concealing the drawbacks of your nails, to make you feel protective about your overall image.

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The list of nail art techniques extends far more than simply easy nail art. All of them serve the purpose of adding charm to ladies, but it is an easy nail art that is most valued for the fact that it is not time consuming and therefore rather easy to transform into a regular practice.

Nail Art Polish

Nail Art Polish

Painting on nails has been popular from time immemorial and at different stages of the development of human civilization; nail art was viewed form several different perspectives and served different purposes.

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It stands to reason that nail art polish was not available until the 19th century, but there were a lot of natural materials that were effectively used fro fingernail painting and decoration.

Nail Art Tips – How to choose a nail art salon

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Nail art is a growing trend in fashion.

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Since it decorates our nails with thorough and more specific beauty and style, it became a trend that both teens and adults enjoy.

2010 Tips on Nail Care

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Polished, clean and well-maintained nails can never go out of fashion. Today we will give you a few tips on nail care and how to choose the right nail care products for beautiful and healthy nails.

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Beautiful and healthy nails are necessary to complete any look. Imagine a super hot ensemble being combined with unkempt hands!

Airbrushed tips for your nail

Airbrushed tips for your nail

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Airbrushed or predesigned nail tips are great, and if you get tired of looking at them or feel like a change in scenery you can just polish over them.

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The nail tips should be applied to the nail as you would normally apply any other tip, most airbrushed tips have a full well on them and tip blender can still be used to blend this down before applying either your acrylic, gel or fibreglass to them.

Acrylic nail art design for 2010

Acrylic nail art polish

Acrylic nail a popular form of nail extension using liquid and powder nail extensions. The most common is the normal pink and white ‘French tips’.

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However, now there are hundreds and thousands of nail art acrylic designs. Nail colors can be mixed to form patterns or shapes, glitters can be added to create glitter tips and other various media.

How to Do Nail Art Designs – Nail Art Designs DIY

Nail Art DIY

How to Do Nail Art Designs – Nail Art Designs DIY

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1. Begin with clean, shaped nails. If your nails are short or you want to do complex nail art designs, you may want to consider acrylic nails.

2010 Silver Nail Color

2010 Silver Nail Color

silver nail color for 2010

If you always think pink for a manicure, it may be time to pimp up your polish with the hot metallic nail trend straight from the fashion runways in 2010. Silver, graphite, chrome and platinum nails are replacing pale pinks as the color in the coming year.

nail color silver

Celebrities like Mischa Barton, Heidi Klum and Lindsay Lohan are all sporting it. If you’re skeptical about trying this trend, or you think it might look over the top, there’s a silver shade out there for everyone, whether you want to make a strong statement as bold as tin foil or just want a hip twist on neutral or nude.

2010 Purple Nail Color Trends

2010 purple nail color trends

We’ve been seeing lots of purple lips–on the runways, on Rihanna, and everywhere in between. Some of you say you’re loving the trend. Some of you say you’ll never, ever go to the purple place. But what say you about wearing the same purple shades on your nails?

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Today we will show you the following purple nail color gallery.

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