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2011 Nail Color Trends From Celebrities

2011 Nail Art Trends From Celebrities

From Beyonce to Solange, nail art is news, and hot new nail designs are becoming an extension of a celeb’s overall image.

The celebrity nail color ideas would offer you the living proof, how these timeless shades manage to keep their spotless reputation also on the red carpet encouraging millions to copycat the chic looks.

You might see anything from gleaming gold (Beyonce) to ten little portraits of her very own face (Lady Gaga) to tiger stripes (Rihanna) to multicolored rhinestones (Kid Sister).

Draw some inspiration from the nail colors of your favorite celebs and sport some of the on trend hues of the next season.

Today let’s see some nail art photos from those hot celebrities. 

Ruby Rose Purple Nail Art

Ruby Rose Purple Nail Art

Ruby Rose Purple Nail Art1 

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